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  If you need copies quickly or require less than 1000, our in-house duplication service is your first choice. It provides a fast turnaround, normally within 5 working days, though we can often provide an even faster service if your job is urgent.

Your duplicated CDs and DVDs are produced in-house on one of our automated robotic duplicators.  These “burn” the information onto the blank disc and then, once “finalised”,  they read the data again to verify* that it was all recorded correctly.

We can then print directly onto the discs using our Rimage Everest  printer, which produces stunning black or full colour images at 600dpi.  You can choose whether to use discs with a silver top or a white top.  Silver discs are normally only suitable for printing in black, whereas white discs work well with black, grey-scale and full colour print.

We normally use Grade 'A' blank discs that are good for producing data CDs and video or data DVDs.  For audio CDs, though, the requirements are more critical.  A few of the older audio CD players may have problems playing duplicated CD-Rs.  Extensive research has shown that this problem is reduced to an absolute minimum if we use only blank discs with extremely low error rates and certain high-quality disc drives.  We don't want you to have CDs returned by your customers because they won't play, so we strongly urge you to use  our specially selected audio CD-Rs or Taiyo Yuden discs.  Taiyo Yuden are also our recommendation when you require either CD-Rs or DVD-Rs for critical applications such as archiving.

The maximum recording time on a standard 12cm CD-R is 76 minutes of audio or 700MB of data.  It is possible to record up to 80 minutes of audio, but playback compatibility cannot be guaranteed.  For video DVD-Rs, the maximum recording time depends on the compression used in creating the master.  The maximum data capacity of DVD-Rs is 4.37GB; dual-layer DVD-Rs hold 7.95GB.

We can supply a wide range of packaging for your discs, such as Jewel cases, DVD cases, multi-disc cases, clamshells, Digipaks, plastic, paper or card wallets.  If you don't see what you want in our price list, please ask if we can supply it.

Sometimes you might want professional-looking blank CD-Rs or DVD-Rs which you can record yourself and then send out to your clients.  We can supply these too – simply use our Duplication Prices matrix but omit the duplication charge.
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