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Our replication service is able to supply so many variations that we are not able to provide a price matrix that covers all the many options.  We therefore ask that you complete our Request A Quote form so that we may supply you with a firm quotation that is valid for 30 days.

To give you an idea of our prices, though, here are some basic replication costs:
1000 Audio CDs with full colour onbody print £440 plus delivery.
1000 DVDs with full colour onbody print £685 plus delivery.
These prices include glass mastering and all films required for printing, but not cases or paper inserts.

You must have an MCPS licence for any music unless you can confirm that it is copyright free.You or your customer must own the copyright of any video and data content. We may need to see copies of the relevant documents before proceeding.
Your master and any artwork may be archived, in case you should require further copies. If you wish to have your master disc returned, you must instruct us accordingly when you place an order.

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