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  Disc printing - duplication
All the discs we supply as part of our duplication service are printed on Rimage's latest Everest 600 printer.  This produces probably the highest quality on-disc images currently available, short of litho printing.  Please note that these are printed directly onto the disc using a thermal re-transfer process, which gives an attractive glossy permanent image that is scratchproof, waterproof, fade resistant, UV protected, and will look good and last the life of the disc.

We never use printed labels as these may unbalance the disc and are liable to come unstuck while inside the CD or DVD drive.  We also do not use inkjet printers, as they produce a matt finish, except on special glossy discs, which is not permanent unless printing is followed by a separate coating and UV-curing process.  Even then, we think that Everest images look more professional.  However, Everest printing is not a cheap process, and you may find our printing charges are higher than some of our competitiors.  So when looking at prices, please keep this in mind and make sure you are comparing like with like.

Disc printing – replication
When you order pressed discs you have the choice of either offset litho printing or screen printing.  Litho print is the usual choice and is essential when reproducing photos or anything with gradations or very fine detail.  Images are usually printed in CMYK on a white background, but we can also add a Pantone colour as well.

Screen printing is the better choice when using a limited number of Pantone colours rather than CMYK.  It also works well when you want part of the image to reveal the silver base layer of the bare disc.

Printing of paper inserts and packaging
For runs of up to a few hundred copies, or where speed is paramount, we use our professional colour laser printer which produces high quality permanent images.  For higher quantities, we will go to litho printing, which gives you even higher quality at lower cost, but has a lead-time of around a week.  Printed packaging, such as card wallets and digipak-style folders, is contracted out and again will add a few days onto the delivery date.

We are also able to supply other printed products such as leaflets, booklets, letterheads, etc.  Please visit our other website at www.DownstreamPrint.co.uk

Getting your artwork correct is one of the trickier aspects of producing a CD or DVD. Experienced designers will have no problem sending us artwork files that are right first time, but the novice may not find things so easy. So we are happy to advise on the correct sizes and formats that we need and explain the theory of "bleed" which is a mystery for some but is very simple once you have grasped the concept.
On receipt of your artwork files we will check them out and point out any details that need addressing or improving.  Once everything is ready, we can email you a pdf proof for you to check and approve before we go ahead. Best of all, we'll do all this ... and even make minor changes as required ... at no cost to you.

For further information on our artwork requirements, please go to our FAQs and TEMPLATES pages.
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