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  Your replicated CDs or DVDs are produced by one of our partner pressing plants, either in the UK or Europe.  We select the most appropriate one according to the demands of each particular job.  The close working relationships we have with our trade-only replication companies mean that they offer us a first-class service and we are able to negotiate very advantageous rates.

The standard turnround time for producing pressed CDs and DVDs is about two weeks, although it may be slightly quicker for straightforward discs without any packaging; or it may be a few days longer for other more complicated jobs.  We shall endeavour to give you an estimated delivery date and keep you updated if there are any delays.

We can supply all types of CD (Audio CD / CD-DA, Data CD / CD-ROM, Video CD, Photo CD, CD Extra/Enhanced, CD+Graphics, mini-CD, CD Card, etc.) and DVD Video, DVD Audio or DVD-ROMs are available as either the normal single-layer DVD-5s or dual-layer DVD-9s and DVD-10s.  We accept CD masters on a single-session CD-R (not CD-RW) finalised or recorded Disc-At-Once, a pressed CD or an Exabyte tape.  DVD-5 masters should be on either a single-session DVD-R (not DVD-RW), a pressed DVD or a DLT tape.  DVD-10 masters should be supplied on the same media as for DVD-5, but as two separate discs or tapes – one for each side.  DVD-9 masters should be supplied as two DLT tapes, one for each layer.  DVDs may contain either PAL or NTSC video, but the master must already be in the required format.

Please note that we do supply CD-Text mode CDs, which are Audio CDs containing text which is to be displayed on CD players.  In the event of a customer sending a CD-R with CD-Text, the replicated CDs will not include these texts. If you do require CD-Text, please specify clearly in advance as we shall need to provide a special quote.

The maximum recording time on a standard 12cm CD is 76 minutes of audio or 700MB of data.  It is possible to record up to 79 min 50 secs of audio, but playback compatibility cannot be guaranteed.  The maximum number of CD tracks is 99.  On an 8cm CD the limit is 20 minutes (possibly up to 22min 16sec) or 175MB.  For video DVDs, the maximum recording time depends on the compression used in creating the master.  Due to disc formatting, the maximum data capacity of 4.7GB DVD-5s is 4.37GB, 8.5GB DVD-9s hold 7.95GB and 9.4GB DVD-10s hold 4.37GB per side.  DVD-9s are read from the same side of the disc and can have a full-face image printed on the other side; DVD-10s are recorded on both sides and the disc must be manually turned over in order to read the other side – printing is restricted to a circular area around the hub.

We can supply a wide range of packaging for your discs, such as Jewel cases, Maxi single cases, DVD cases, multi-disc cases, clamshells, digipak-style cases, plastic, paper or card wallets, with cellophane wrapping or shrink-wrapping.  If you want anything special, please ask and we'll do our best to supply it.
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